The royal blue sky and the delicious delicious delicious vegetables are part of the beauty of this royal blue room. You will be pleased to hear that such a room of your childhood home is also conducive to this kind of love love.The room takes up about 250 square meters. There are used pastel shades and teal tones for the floors. The ceilings of the rooms are painted with contrasting black and white. The ceiling stands out with its long chandeliers and square terracotta floor that serves as a base for the other elements. It is so filled with color.

Unusual blue ceiling of this royal blue room.
First aid room.

Eye catching light fixture.
Blue wall color with arcade- machines.
Floating cabinets.
The beautiful bed.
The carpet and stairs.

Royal blue walls with white background.
White room with blue walls.
Green room.
The monster net.
The carpet.

The sound of a pool.
The fish pond.
The TV’s. The exotic aquarium. The exotic aquarium. The exotic aquarium. To make the rooms in this house I wanted to create a feeling of buoyancy and spice everything capture a strong character through its dynamism.”

King Of The Hill Living Room Photo 8

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