Kardashian (aka Chaiserel is) a traditional Chinese plush carpet that has been designed by Chinese artist, the Global Picturester. This original approach to furniture design has been made particularly challenging by the applied color motif, which is usually regarded in this field. However, this is the traditional approach that European designers have chosen over the years. This original model of Chaiserel would look at fashion and its generally elegant look as a very important element of design.

Kardashian refers to a style that basically involves flat flooring and usually wood or stone. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the carpets are made of this material. The feet of the sofa and the sofa back are made of an extremely soft, almost baby-soft blanket, which is incredible in itself. These two colors have been combined into a very beautiful, almost tropical pure color palette. The collection includes several different models. Whatever your choice is, Kardashian would probably fit best in a modern or contemporary décor.