Add many elements to a decorating picture to create a more complete effect, for example, colorful stripes on a wall, many artistic pieces or, in this particular case the many pillows and decorative objects. If you like this style, take a look at this tutorial for how to combine the two. The entire composition takes place on a computer.

So the tutorial is for how to combine all the elements from the European inspiration listed there, but also the patterns and prints. The key to that is to use a wet cloth, some water, a ruler and now that you’ve done that. First measure and mark the areas for which you want to combine. Then mark off 4 spots in two designs, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. Then decide where to position these places and set the wet cloth to the right length.

Now the tricky part is to insert the water-based diy mixture so that the wet cloth spreads over the whole surface. It’s a very tricky position as it makes the paracord point falling out in a messy way. So here’s an example of how you should take care of it now.

Jhene Aiko Living Room Flow Mp3 Photo 3

All the instructions and how to give decors an update can be found in the bookcase. You might wonder how everything linked to decors should look like at first. Well, here it is. An example of how to combine decorations with a good lighting system should be shown here.

In the living room it’s recommended to use decorations in strategic places or, if you want to create a focal point, to spread the accent light exactly where you need it. For example, in the middle of the seating area there’s a very beautiful pendant with thick metallic cords hanging from the ceiling and hanging from the wall. In this décor it was also nice how the lampshade was chosen to highlight the area a little more carefully.

You should also alternate decorations to create a more eye-catching image. For example, in the dining room it’s recommended to use pendant lamps above the dining table and to create a modern and artistic image featuring stripes, a glitzy chandelier or a pair of vintage glass vases.

In the kitchen try to use pendant lamps to illuminate your breakfast space. For example, in the kitchen or in the dining room, use pendant lamps to light up the bottom portion of your kitchen cabinets. This particular décor is featuring the Pantone Meridian collection.

If you want to add more spark to your kitchen but without using too much color, use mintl in a bold shade and combine different shades for a more interesting visual effect. Fill the kitchen with these charming shades and you’ll obtain a fresh and airy décor. Here are some great ideas of how you can use them: