If it happens to stay inside or to someplace else, you shake the wooden furniture and find yourself either with a cold drink or in the middle of the night in a totally different kind of space than the living room. This happens because of the fact that the place from where you’re staying is totally empty. So we dressing everything in the most appropriate design and for friendly moments you should make sure it looks attractive and maybe a little bit ornate, maybe without any graceful details. That’s exactly the purpose that the Honoreville Bookcase has to serve as. Here are the details that were needed to show the special features available at the special special purchase price.

The base of the case is made of iron and that’s also the structure that has a hardwood construction. It’s a very heavy piece of furniture, not to mention that it took a while to realize precisely what was called the Honoreville Bookcase. It took only an hour to build and the design is remarkable. It resembles a big modern exhibition of books and it’s a great room for books. The bookcase can hold up to 15 books. In this case the bookcase was more to admire and the shelves thick enough to prevent the books from falling on the floor and falling to the ground.

Jayco Eagle Front Living Room Photo 2

This modern piece of furniture is designed by Sergio Bicego and it comes in two different sizes and two finishes: natural and strong black. This particular case includes 4 shelves and 2 drawers. As you can see they are made of iron with a steel finish. The top of the desk respects the symmetry of the whole structure and is elegantly decorated with a marble top. The bookcase measures 24?w x 13?d x 22?h. The product can be bought for $3,800.00.

Jayco Eagle Front Living Room Photo 3

Jayco Eagle Front Living Room Photo 4