The living room is the place where the guests are greeted by a friendly message. Since Italian style is a traditional décor it’s important to know how to position furniture in order to receive this message. The sofa or daybeds are the most popular furniture pieces. The sofa or daybeds are out of the question. However, there are other options as well, like the coffee table, stools or side table. The ones with glass have an interesting shape, intriguing an odd but very welcomed feature.

There are lots of ways of introducing your loved one to a beautiful living room. For example, the simple elements are more suitable, most often the classical ones, for the living room, for the children’s room, as a sort of sanctuary where they are safe and where they can relax. Also, a great place for the entertainment in a living room is the dining room. So take a look around and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for a similar décor.

I particularly enjoy the paintings with floral motifs. I like the black and white sofas with the red seats and the tables and the round tables, with the space between them. This way the décor seems more airy and the guests don’t feel pressured as they’re guests.

The pink armchairs are the most romantic ones you’ll ever see for a hot spring day. The pink lamp is not too much and the vase with the red flowers is always a good choice or you can always improvise. Take a look around the house and you’ll probably change the opinion in your heart with your own choice. The furniture is different but visually they share the same colors. The decorations and the fabrics are also the most important pieces. The colors and the textures are also the most important elements and you have to make sure you’re at ease when putting them together.{pics from and found here}.