We all know how frustratingly and oddly people go to the trouble of having a feeling that they’re in a solitary place that focuses on their lives but is lacks the comfort and relaxation we need. That’s why they need the space to feel like bigger than what they’re used to. That’s exactly what this special dwelling from New Delhi, India has to offer. Designed by Natural Balance, this residence was built specifically to make the most of every bit as well as the resources that was available to build it.

This 20 square meter apartment is more than just a place for two. It’s a remarkable living space and a home theater, both functions that perfectly fit in with the owner’s stereotypic living environment and typical requirements placed on that area. The space was custom designed to feel inviting in order to suit a modern and sophisticated family, even though it almost feels cold and empty compared to what we’re used to seeing. Maybe that’s the reason why this place looks and feels so cozy and friendly.

Design restrictions were as follows:

Is Living Room One Word Or Two – A Useful Man Cave For Your Home And A Fantastic Living Room For Your Family Photo 3

Main spaces are divided by doors. So even when we see this tiny apartment that we see as it looks, there’s actually a door that slides in and out of the apartment. We can just slide the door to hide the apartment when not in use. Also, the folding door is a must-have in any home and can save a lot of space when its owners are guests.

Is Living Room One Word Or Two – A Useful Man Cave For Your Home And A Fantastic Living Room For Your Family Photo 4

Everything is perfectly organized. The kitchen is a separate area and it’s fully equipped with every imaginable utility tools. The bathroom is the only space that has windows, a window, white walls, an oval wall mirror and all sorts of other elements designed to maximize the space. It’s an apartment perfectly suited for a young couple, for single couples that don’t want too much privacy and which also want what they need.

Even the sleeping area has space for a bed inside a mobile cube. It’s basically a room divider with built-in cabinetry which doesn’t obstruct the room and it goes all the way to the ceiling, leaving the floor space open and free.

The bedroom was the second room of the apartment. Here there was also a bed, a closet, a storage unit and plenty of other spaces. All three bedrooms are placed on opposite sides of the open floor plan and are built unevenly. This gives the bedroom a more interesting look and makes it more interesting.

The bathroom is pretty spectacular as well. The space is small but yet it feels very open and airy. The mirrored wall emphasizes the spaciousness and the marble shower top ensures a very nice balance.