Living room furniture is not always easy to find as many as we do. Nevertheless, there are designers that managed to give us the opportunity to build our own furniture. This collection is the perfect example for that. All the pieces from this collection are simple and easy to find. It’s also the approach chosen when combining the pieces and only after that building and decorating the furniture.

The collection features neutral tones like black, grey and white but also features some striking touches that are visible in the case of the coffee table. In fact, the dark trim gives it a more dramatic look. The lines are clean and simple and they are beautifully combined with the natural wood features. The coffee table only comes with storage underneath.

It’s a piece of furniture that also has an industrial feel. The key is to add that touch of warmth with the right materials that make it both stylish and functional. The pieces from this collection don’t necessarily have to bearing a certain story. You can adapt the collection according to the area you plan on living and the rest of your interior décor.

Industrial Style Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 3