Just like the living room, the décor for an inviting living room has to be able to communicate that openness and cheerful ambiance that defines the whole house.

In order to capture the open and airy nature of the living room, several changes were made. The pool was enlarged and the connection between the indoor and outdoor areas was created. The pool has a drop ceiling of course, allowing easy access of the water into the lounge areas and also adding more floor space to the deeper areas of the living room.

The layout is simple and the colors and spa-like bathrooms make anyone want more away from the cars and synthetic gym equipment. The small but beautiful garden has natural lighting that complements the colors and moods of the living rooms.

The lighting choices are few and so are the furniture pieces and the view. The pendant light above the sleek wooden dining table is the centerpiece of the space, centered between several perfect social areas. Multiple work surfaces float in a stacked pattern created by the stacked flora.

Ikea Living Room Ideas 2016: S-touchable, Warm And Inspiring Photo 4

Just outside the living room is the semi-enclosed dining area and above that the compact kitchen and adjacent bar. From here there’s one more outdoor area with views of the pool and the garden. This zone is reserved for events and gatherings.

The covered bridge forms an opening towards the neighbors and the building looks as interesting and impressive as the unusually-shaped pool. The outdoor living area extends to the side of the pool for glimpses of the blue sky.

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Ikea Living Room Ideas 2016: S-touchable, Warm And Inspiring Photo 7