If you watch the photos above I bet you must see an epic space 776 square foot apartment.The entire apartment is designed in a slexpert right on the edge of a city.If you are an art lover or if you like to collect art too you would like to spend some time in the apartment inspired some unique and amazing art pieces.

All the pieces around the apartment have been carefully chosen not to steal anything from each other but basically to make the place comfortable and fun. There is an artistic feel in every room and also the shape, colour, lights and materials used are carefully chosen so as to be practical and not too obvious.The kitchen is an example of an interesting inspired design. With quite few counter and chairs the fact that it had to be functional was not as good as being functional anymore because of the radiator that still remains and also proves a water lover’s room.

If I Saw That Thing In My Living Room How Would You Decorate It? Photo 2

With a little imagination and skill you could create a totally unexpected place that could love the win! The apartment is meant to be functional and not overbearing and overbearing but as beautiful as possible. This is the key to it all.{found on freshome}