For some unknown reason i really like this living room. It’s so cozy and playful and the colors are so warm. The whole house seems so nice and welcoming. But on the other hand, living rooms need to be decorated properly. It’s not the same story with this beautiful and delicate living room designed by Trish of Trish of Trish. This is a modern living room design and it only got the right colors and finishes for the living room so it’s a relatively simple room.

As for the décor, the picture is complete. There are no unnecessary pieces of furniture or accessories, but the main piece of this picture is the pictures on the wall. They provide a great amount of inspiration and visual interest making the whole living room look very pleasant. There are not a lot of details in that picture. the important thing is that you see it and feel happy with it. It’s a lovely picture and I’m sure the person who created it will tell us a few things about it.

I Love Lucy Living Room Design Photo 2

The fireplace is definitely a very important piece of the fireplace. It’s a very basic and elegant piece and it often features two matching doors telling us a few secrets. The other element that usually would be a chic focal point is the fireplace surround. You can choose a very simple design for such a piece. Just add a few large pictures, some red ribbon to complete the design.