When we are kids, everyone wishes we live in a comfortable space, a colorful room, a warm place made of hearts. A child, whom we do not want or don’t know how, has to spend a lot of time in that particular room in order to be satisfied. That is why parents have to be careful if they decide to buy a room like this.Jeannie living room is very warm and inviting and it depends on the color and the design you choose for your little one, though you would like it to be just as warm and cozy not too cold.

This living room is full of light and cool colors; nothing compares with a warm fireplace in the living room that can be easily enjoyed all year round. The living room is also very welcoming and the living room reminds more of a warm family atmosphere. The only thing that warms up this room is the modern furniture and good taste.

The perfect choice would be to combine this living room aspect with the dining room and the two are perfect. The kitchen has a very distinguishable style, with all those plum Pirodilla furniture and brown boots. If you look at the bright wall creatively, you can see pops of yellow , pink or light brown that decorate the kitchen, but everything looks amazing. The room is large and has all the modern appliances and ones that draw attention upon it, like all those light fixtures, kitchen gadgets, all those little paintings, bedside tables and all the little details. The bathroom is also of great design, with all the modern amenities and everything in uniform with the overall design of the house.{found on home-designing}.