The key is to find the perfect style combination for your bedroom. If you prefer simplicity then you should have good taste in choosing such a room. There are numerous ways in which you can do that. One of them is by converting one of the living room walls into a bedroom. The idea is however to offer the bedroom a new color or maybe in alternative way to use your money for the remodel.

The second thing you can do is to use your fireplace wall as you prefer a more rustic look. You can transform it in a rustic style by painting it or by covering it with wallpaper or anything that can withstand the humidity and roughness of the wall.

The third thing you can do is create a pattern for your wall and cover it with patterned wallpaper. Choose the colors that would best suit your bedroom and then apply them on the wall. You must use a roller shield to prevent dust and mildew. The pattern should be mannequin-like.{pics from shutterflakes and lavierodesign}.

How To Turn Living Room Into Bedroom Photo 3

Finally, you can also remodel the room, just not with the idea of using wallpaper but only on the walls. The next steps are considerably more difficult. You need to remove everything you can find on both the floor and the walls. It’s like having to replace all the furniture of the room. You can paint one wall with different colors or only the ceiling with one accent piece of furniture.{pics from Valitsa 1 and 2}.