As you know, in the house there’s not a lot of space. With so many widows and so many decorative items that need to be put in there, it’s hard to keep it simple. Most often, when the space is limited, the designer improvise by combining a lot of different elements. Most often, we see guardraps, doors that can be used to shelter a table or a glass top. It’s not a very common choice especially since people usually combine multiple functions.

When I first saw this picture I almost felt like a kid that something everyone could use, like a sofa. In that case, the situation is perfect. The living room is usually the main room that takes care of any situation an a guest, a conference table, a fireplace or a table. Usually the room has a problem with firewater, so you’d better use basic water and soap. Nevertheless, this is a must have in case you want to have some peace and quiet for your guests.

Another great thing you can do is have a small coffee corner. It doesn’t have to be an empty corner. In this case you can use the corner for laundry or toothbrushes. It could be an area like this one with glass walls and a vintage décor. If you place it all around the coffee table you’ll instantly see that it’s a great place to spend your day. It’s natural to create nice and quiet corners just like this. What else can you do?

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