French country living rooms are quite popular and beautiful. They are very cozy, especially in the warmer months or when there are also friendly gatherings. However, these are usually composed of smaller rooms that should stay mostly to the walls. However, this is not the reason why some people prefer to leave the walls open and to create a cozy and inviting décor.

French country decors are not known to be very tasteful when it comes to wall decoration. Most of them are very simple, minimalist and crowded with furniture. It’s because of this very simple and lacking any decorations and accessories that can be difficult tonotice on a long day. In France, every little thing is important

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Therefore, it’s best not to avoid taking lots of them. Just because your home is decorated well with beautifully designed pieces doesn’t mean you have to forget about the simple things. In France the décor is important and the walls need to be as airy as possible. And just in case you had a spare change for the room, here are some tips and ideas.

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1. Contrasting colors.

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Flowers are popular decorations, especially in the summer when the sun is shining and the whole room becomes more colorful. So, why not just highlight the pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful and simple painting? It’s both chic and stylish, adding color to the décor and giving the room a refreshing look. Of course, it can be done and it only needs to be done with bare feet.

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2. Personalized decorations.

French people, especially in the 18th century, are always searching for ways to personalize their homes. Most often, they choose to use an artistic painting. You can paint a headboard, a wall or, if the wall is in the living room, a wall unit with shelves. In the living room, a wall of artwork can be a very nice idea. You can select a personal image and use it as a stencil or you can paint an image onto the wall, attaching it using contrasting color.

3. A mirror.

Mirrors are very helpful because they reflect things around you and not just behind the mirror. It’s what makes them so effective. By displaying a mirror in the living room you make it stand out more and also give it a focal point. It’s usually the fact that the mirror is framed rather than facing it that is the main accent detail. It’s usually nice to have a mirror in a room with mirrors usually facing each other.

4. Colorful wall art.

Sometimes all you want is a simple, clean and fresh décor with nothing in going to distract your attention attention. If you want to display a colorful wall art piece in your living room, then it best to use wall art and not paper stencils.

5. Framed mirrors.

Mirrors are very useful and wonderful decorations. They reflect things around you and they can basically make a wall look like a gallery if you display them. But mirrors can also be considered a type of art so it best to opt for the frame. This way a piece of art will more efficiently be displayed there.