Comfort, sensuality and relaxation are the perfect qualities in life. These are the qualities that a sunken living room should offer. If you have considered other living rooms for your living room, one of the best options would be to make it the perfect sunken room. If you think you might have escaped a nasty cottage, the images would be taken straight from the movies. They would provide the right atmosphere and privacy for your living room. The pictures which represent the Catalan qualities appear on the wall as interesting and intriguing compositions of colored pop crystal that usually makes a colour statement in a room.

These houses have such open styles which fill all spaces with an exotic touch. There is the retro style, the fresh, the relaxation and the delight of living in a sunken room. The delicacy offered by the rattan sofa, chair and table, the red flowers in some pictures, would convince even the non-antique admirers of the French style.{all pics from decorati}.