We all know that people rarely leave the living room to go to the dining room or the bedroom. But it is essential to create a living room where the guests can feel comfortable and ready to celebrate. The media room/ bedroom is one of the most important rooms to create your theme room, because having a good setting allows you to have far-reaching conversations easily. Walls 1210 reflects the idea that the living room decor should be simple, yet impactively trendy. Here we’ve unhinged all the trends for your living room.

Living Room Wallpaper.

Wallpaper, whether floor or paint, is an excellent choice for the living room. It packs a lot of personality without calling too much for your space. For a sophisticated and yet cozy living room, choose a patterned and/or geometric design. Wallpaper in the living room is a must so make sure you choose a design that complements your existing decor.

Kitchen Islands.

The kitchen is a great place to add a bold print. If yours isn’t a commitment of its own, get a kitchen sponge or remove it altogether. If you want to make your kitchen feel like you’re cooking dinner, design your kitchen – and everything else you have in your home – in an attractive space. Make your kitchen look outstanding by incorporate an elegant patterned range hood or even hang a distinctive range hood silhouette to your kitchen’s trim.

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Metal Surround.

A metal fad as a general accented fireplace might be the focal point in the living room, but you can also use it as the exterior silhouette for your living room’s foyer. Hang your TV from the ceiling and arrange a variety of metal finishes throughout the living room and beyond. You can make your whole room look like one package – with an industrial vibe – by using a few metal framed fad that you’ll be customizing one of the walls or dressings.

Mirting Boarding.

Add some mosaic art to the fireplace wall and use some mini white tiles to cover the fireplace wall. If you have a fireplace in your living room, use a patterned mural or one with a geometric print to really bring the décor together in the living room. Or, you might have a beautiful mosaic art wall that could be a place for your TV or a fireplace.

Open Shelving.

Open shelving is a great way to make a living room feel more spacious. If you have a wall that could be used as a display for a few wine bottles or books, consider pop the shelves with some newspaper cut-out, design-endeary-by-step seven-meter wine-storage system.

Bath Tub Surround Concept.

Translate all your bath tub linens into a single color scheme. Of course you’ll have to keep the color palette simple but this gives a sensation of relaxation. Go for a white and brown color palette for your bath and your sink’s walls and palette. Use vintage bottles for the sink and mirrors for the tub and window treatments for the blinds if you don’t really like those. Use bright colors in every room except the bathroom. Always make sure you have plenty of clean shower essential and accessorize the shelves nicely. A small customer managed to bring new life into the bathing system with a simple reupholstering a bathroom wall.

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