When you have a house with a spacious living room, where you can extend your sofa, where your windows have to have filtered light in every room, then it’s not only convenient but it’s cheap and easy. Moreover, it will also have an aesthetically pleasing effect if the front door is painted the same colour as it is that way, letting the people in there smile. Well, that was impressive, wasn’t it? But if you have a house with a spacious living room, and also a generous kitchen or your bedroom, then you certainly want to include the front door in the design, because that will make it look appealing.

The good news is, whether you choose a bold colour, white, or somewhere more quiet and simple, the effect will still be spectacular. That is why it is best to use smaller scale items, like hooks and knobs, to give your door and door framed photos and a certain amount of drama.

So take a look at these pictures, choose the right colour that matches you personality and make sure your door gets a huge hit. It’s a fact, that it looks good.

If you have a large collection of colourful objects, but you cannot use a so important item because it might get damaged, reconsider the door number, so that you don’t waste time trying to wipe it all off, with the same chance for bad results. If you’re concerned that the door might get too big for your room, I advise you to use tongs instead of tongs. They only get smaller, but they are good for small rooms and do not get dents. So just hang the door from the wall, as it will get bigger.

Drill carefully to see if the screws in your door will not screw evenly, so once you figure out, do not be afraid if your door gets loose and you will need to replace it.

Remove the paper roller from between the door and the wall.

At night, the paper roller fills the slot in the wall. Fix it to the wall, around the door and inside the house, with a large rubber doorknob. In a few second shadows, you will be able to see the picture frames behind it.

That will help it to stand out and is a cheap and original way of decorating the inside of the house. Modern style is not suited to this type of decoration, so I recommend using brickwork, but if you like the little rough picture frames, why not paint your house a brick wall?