There are several ways in which you can decorate your bedroom. First of all, you can use duvets, a chandelier and silk curtains as decorations. But first of all think about the room and all the furniture involved in the design. You don’t necessarily need a bedroom as this room doesn’t need to look particularly stylish for that. It could be useful to use a nightstand as a nightstand and decorate it with a monogram stencil. Let’s see what we can find on each of the examples.

A duvet could be used in the bedroom for two reasons. The first one is related to the fact it’s a soft, cotton-lined piece while the second one is purely decorative. The second purpose is to hide the bed when needed so you might want to turn this into a bedside table. If you need an extra bedside spot, consider this: half the bed would have to be hidden, the top would be folded up, the top would be mounted as opposed to its usual position and you wouldn’t be able to use the space for anything else. Check out the tutorial on grillo-designs for more info and inspiration.

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A curtain can double as a storage unit and there’s no sense in those when everything is clear and your clothes are all washed out and unorganized. So figure out a way to add something to the closet that’s not there and that suits your style. Perhaps you could keep these Tika zero curtains featured on queenbeeofhoney and make them your own. They’re cute and chic and you can customize them for yourself or have them customized to fit your own specific needs. Check out the details on thecupboard.

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The idea of hanging a vertical drying rack may seem very simple but it would actually be much more clever and interesting if you made it yourself. You could use a rod and some leather. You’ll also need some copper pipe hooks and a bunch of rope. You can find the instructions on thehoneycomb. You should experiment with different materials, textures and colors to create something original that would really suit your home.

Libraries and storage sheds are a great place to start your DIY projects. They’re both great places to start because there’s so much you can focus on at a moment without losing functionality. Canci Technology offers a series of intriguing DIY sheds which you can use as spaces where you can take breakfast or coffee. They’re stylish, easy to use and they can all be secured by magnetic strips secured to wood cubbies with louver secured plates. The glass shelves featured here are the work of Earnestcrafts.

Small-scale modular sheds such as these ones are nice to have around and they can be closed in some cases to maximize the usable space. They’re pretty versatile although if never really used. In fact, you could use such a structure as your new kitchen island. It would be a very nice addition to a small kitchen or to an L-shaped living space.

Small modular sheds are good for storing and organization. This right here is a setup created by studio SHED. It’s basically just a frame which supports log structures. As such, it’s very interesting and unusual. The shed is basically a frame and interior storage system for log modules which are organized according to size. You can make the modules as big or as small as you want, depending on the size of your shed.