The living room is a flexible and private space where you can relax and simply feel like sleeping. It’s a space designed by several smaller rooms and it’s also a social area. For the interior décor, the designers chose to use a combination of colors. They used simple and neutral colors such as white, gray and cream that also seem elegant and they also feature beautiful and colorful textures.

The walls are white and almost white for the furniture and the maybe not colors so they also used natural tones and combined them with some other colors for a fresh and casual atmosphere. Then there are also colorful pieces that look like Charles Van Vuren paintings. They have playful drawings and are colorful. The living room is actually a huge space with long white sofas, a glossy silver coffee table, black and white striped floor lamps, a glossy white dining table, a modern, leather chaise lounge and a brick wall covered fireplace.

The living area still benefit from fresh air and includes two volume. The first one has two big diamond-shaped wall units, the middle one holds a two-seater and the upper unit holds the white sofa. In the middle there’s a large TV unit with on-off lighting and white, LED-striated, printed wallpaper. The double-height living room is connected to a hallway that leads to the garage Parking.

Houzz Living Room Wall Decor Photo 3

At the entrance there’s a double-height family room with light-toned carpet and colorful striped floorboards. The kitchen is spacious with a sliding glass door that connects it to a smaller terrace. The bedrooms are all large and have large windows. Like in the living room, there’s connection between the floor and the walls. The guest bedrooms are also large and feature modern furniture with clean lines. The bathrooms feature natural stone, rectangular bathtubs, glass vanities and shower walls.{found on luxatic}.