All of us tend to get bored easily as soon as they finish remodeling their homes. It is all a way of letting go and doing with all the stuff that has already been used and left aside. Besides, some people would like to give their living rooms a makeover to make better functional décor and artistic displays. You will see that decorating your living room is a strictly matter of personal preference and this means that you have to consider all the possibilities.

Today I want to show you a wonderful idea of how we can make comfortable living rooms while striking the walls with my two star color and prints. One of the options is to make the walls of the living room as comfortable as possible. The most simple way is to introduce color and artwork by painting the wall a color that complements the room but also doesn’t distract from the sensation of comfort. For instance, if you use pink on the walls you will get an easy décor.

Another option is to paint the walls of the living room a bold and unique color that would make the room feel a little too plain. The wall can be white or if you want a very bright or a contrastive look, then you can add small colorful painting or decorations above the white wall. The idea is to place the colorful items there first before putting them on the table then change them to a more colorful one if it is needed.

Houzz Living Room Paint Colors Photo 3

If you do this you will want a more airy living room with a more natural décor and you can alternate items from the same room or mix them up in a way to create a cozy atmosphere. The other option is a cold, neutral living room with furniture that would make a great canvas for a colorful sitting. For instance, you can add a piano or a small chaise chair in the living room and the result would be a dynamic décor that invites you to play with color. You can also add a few colorful decorative objects on the wall and place them near the chairs, on the table or on the glass table. Vertical or horizontal lines always look great and every room in general is asking something in life to happen.