This is the living room of therice tower, an apartment in the center of Madrid, Spain. It’s a very charming apartment with a traditional design both inside and out. The living room is almost square-shaped and the space designed for two people was very important in the decision regarding the number of pieces of furniture that need to be stored. As part of the living room design, a space was delimited by the chairs.

With those chairs, cozy friends can spend quality time together in this lovely space. The walls of the living room are bare with the exception of some decorative elements, the carpet or the area rug that unifies the furniture into a single piece and that also embellishes the small space. This way the people are not forced to feel like home. The walls are not drawn by chairs or arcpholms that will also create a very nice decorative element the can be used for decorative purposes. The other furniture pieces are simple and every once in a while we see some interesting elements, like that round coffee table or those unusual glass balls that are hanging from the ceiling.

There are also some modern items from place to place where a combination of styles can happen if a mix of materials and furniture is to be implemented. For example, this is a place where the stylized house gets its beauty from the silver wooden panels on the ceiling or on the walls.{found on faircompanies}.

Houzz Living Room Area Rugs Photo 1

Houzz Living Room Area Rugs Photo 2