Showercloths come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and designs and they are most interesting at smaller scales. Some of them take the shape of a house, some of them are shaped like a boat, some are large and some are smaller. The designer of this showercloths is Don and the main idea he is trying to transmit that is the minimum space that is necessary for a shower. Showercloths are the perfect thing to have and they are perfect for a small lakeside house like this one, where the guests can enjoy a simple, minimalistic shower.

The future of movies and homes will only provide more and more space to store things. Showercloths are the answer to this problem. They are the answer to reinforcing the idea that a shower is the only, pleasant space that can make you feel good, like you are in a party, you just want to take a shower in the privacy of your own home, with the help of your own hands.