Beauty of animals is supposed to inspire you and nourish your imagination.For those who are in love with animals the “ Horse House” is a concept that represents a great idea. Carried out by the architectural firm dkbd, this house has white walls and furniture but with some black spots on the windows and doors and “statuesque” animals. There are various animal pieces throughout the entire house, that are also great for a modern and simple design.

The animal decorations always give a good taste to the house and the architects used the classic paintings to identify the favorite animals they designed for each one. Animal motifs are also present all over the house, that is why you can find beautiful and ornate pieces such as the deer, fox and deer, trophies and etc. And the animal figures are even present in the bedroom.

Horse Decor For Living Room And Bedroom Photo 2

In order to highlight the decoration of the house, every room has animal themes – the nursery is totally girly, with pink walls and a deer canopy on the ceiling, the carpets in a different color on the white bedside tables, and the carpet in another color. For example the boy’s bedroom is full of animals, but with red carpets and toys in the clouds and two animal carpets on that brown wall.

Other bedroom cozies give style to the children room and are the the nonconformists way of designing bedrooms.Another way to relax after a whod in a wild jungle is to sleep in a jungle themed bedroom. In other rooms you can see wild animals, animals, birds, plants and flowers, not to mention in the paintings on the walls. Last, not all bedrooms are painted in animal prints. Some still have deer or Gnomes skin or jeans, while some still have owls and caveman prints.

Horse Decor For Living Room And Bedroom Photo 4