Nowadays there’s no getting older and so it becomes more attractive, more attractive and appreciated, showing a nice aesthetic and also the time to maintain such an elegant look. It’s why a few changes have to be made to the furniture. A more or less all necessary changes such as action as the coffee maker, the stakers or the cutting knives, natural elements and so on.

Usually these changes are meant to offer a more professional and more modern look to the furniture that will be combined with innovation. It’s difficult to create a line between the old and the new, the vintage and the modern. It’s not an ideal choice, especially in the domain of cutting room, so some changes have to be made to make it more comfortable and functional. It’s the only way of doing that. As usual it’s all in the details. So let’s take a look at some splendid designs that were created just for you.

1.The Home Library.

Simple, exquisite and elegant, the Home Library table by Orren Ellis in collaboration with Studio Modular Architects features several impressive innovations. It combines a shelving unit base and a bookcase with the shapes and dimensions of the children’s rooms. It’s an innovative take on the usual bookcase and a way of saving time and space while also maintaining a contemporary and elegant image of the furniture.

2. The Flamingo Box.

Designed by Giancarlo Zema as part of the Casa Novara, this piece impresses with the simplicity and delicacy of the design. It’s a modern piece, a combination between a bookcase and a bookcase that also includes the book Vola and other shelves. The design is simple but also playful and the forms go back to the natural shapes that make these unique shelves special. The attractive price is $1,799.00 and the beautiful finishes are tempered with the ability to match many different types of bookings.

High End Coffee Tables Living Room Design Photo 6

3. Theiquoise Table.

High End Coffee Tables Living Room Design Photo 7

The coffee table designed by Daniel Becker is a handmade piece of furniture with a strong visual appeal. It has a feminine touch that accentuates its softness and delicate elegance. The table is available in two sizes, 12? x 48? and 14? x 60?. It rests on eight metal legs and its overall dimensions are 10?sq.x.37?sq.d. 44?h. The piece was designed as a centerpiece for the living room but it can be just as beautiful and beautiful wherever else you wish as long as you have a neutral color to start with. It’s available in blue, pink, green, light green and pink. The price for the set is 241.33 euros.Available for 9.08 euros.

4. The Baccarat lamp.

This is a lamp designed as a mathematical question Almanuel R. G. I Illuminari and Robert H. D.Okkac. The idea is very ingenious. The lamp has a round shade and a bulb but the socket is encased in a white case. This way, the lamp does not seem overly simplified. Nevertheless, it is very simple. The table lamp’s overall dimensions are 19?W x 13.5?D x 13.5?H. The socket is included. The table lamp measures 26-1/4?H x 16?W x 11-1/4?D. It is made of yellow lacquered wood with a clear finish and it can be purchased for $129. It is available in two sizes: small and large and it also has a cord with ties. The table lamp has a hardwood body that makes it perfect for the office and the owner can also use it as a desk.