All living rooms are different. Some prefer an interior design that allows more freedom and some prefer living rooms that are a little more restricted. However, there’s one room that usually remains open to a certain degree. A living room, for example, isn’t the same as a kitchen or even a bedroom. It’s a space that has to be functional but it shouldn’t share a high ceiling. It preserves some of the original charm that the style had and only adds a new element.

A high ceiling living room can be a very nice detail not for everyone. However, if you decide to make the most of this surprising detail by adding some curtains to the ceiling, then you could achieve something wonderful for just about anyone. For example, a single person can add some brightness to a living room by choosing a color theme that stands out. If you want to be extra safe, choose colors that are timeless and that have classical features. For example, by choosing two turquoise shades for the living room, the image becomes timeless and chic.

The curtains should be a neutral color for both the walls and the floor. As for the furniture, either model and in another color, depending on how the décor ends up looking like. You can either use vintage chairs or benches or you can create a colorful wall collection. Whatever the case is, the curtains should be just a step away from the sofa and bed. Also, the curtains should be just a neutral color and not too busy or overwhelming. In that case, the décor should be simple. You can use only a few contrasting colors like white and gray for example.

A great way of introducing color into a space is with the use of artwork. If you want to add some passion to the picture you can frame a large piece of black canvas, a painted branch or some other type of decoration. Another trick is to display colorful painting on the walls and the floor. You can also hang a painting on the columns or from a high ceiling. Another interesting idea is to create focal points by including pictures, mirrors and other decorations.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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