It is winter and it is hot outside, so we need to change the heating system in our house, and in case that is not enough you can’t really do that because it is expensive. And I like this idea, as it improves the living room and also livens up my country low land space. For example this is an apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, designed by Note Design Studio and it is really cool and cheap. Its flat is now a place to do some work in a day and there are normal steps: mounting them, adjusting the walls and actually wiring the windows.

Before you even begin arranging the furniture and the ceiling you have to make sure it is perfectly round. Once you have that you will put the flat floor next to the wall, so that the plumbing and electrical needs are not in the way. For example you can add a couple of shelves to the flat and continue to make the room pleasant to work in. It is simple and cheap ins ins ins ins and nice and modern to match any modern home any second from the beginning,

Some of the elements that integrate well in this flat are the open shelves: being functional and cheap, the quilting technique, the simple conical shape and the natural wooden finish. It is not geometrical and it makes sure this apartment is still livable. The neutral tones and minimalist furniture bring everything in a fortunate space and make it look cozy and warm, warm and not totally flat.{found on contemporist}.

Hgtv Rate My Space Living Room For A Wintery Residence Photo 3

Hgtv Rate My Space Living Room For A Wintery Residence Photo 4