Almost every person who doesn’t want to step outside using their house has a problem with the place where they stay over a longer period of time. Sometimes, they feel that the person staying over feels the need to just move a few steps or change their place. This is not at all the case, as this whole space changes and is only meant to be used occasionally. Other times, it is the place where a room occupant can just move his/her own room, as this way they get a better quality of comfort and functionality. All this happens because the owner of the building intended to use this place as a living room, where he could bring his friends and enjoy some quality time together.

The fact that this place is designed only as a temporary living room with a corner for every meal doesn’t make it less safe and suitable as a social space or as a home. Moreover, the idea of making the transition from one room to another a little more natural is not as bad as it might seem. The fact that it can’t exactly be a very large temporary living room is compensated in the case of a small works pace. In addition, the plans are flexible enough to accommodate guests.

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In the main room, the walls are covered with furniture made of natural birch plywood. The furniture has no hidden storage or a traditional design. The only elements that are characterizing this space are two hanging metal planter baskets. These are detachable and replaceable. The style chosen for the rest of the social areas is minimalist and modern. This is a really nice place where you can really show off your interior designs.{pictures from alvhemmakleri}.

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