Ever seen a wheat field since carrots were planted there? Lace up some of your harsh weather with this living room antique with a magnifying glass.

It’s a very beautiful, original design, very comfortable and also colorful. It might not give you a lot of inspiration when you’re planning a renovation or you start planning something else, but these focal points in your home. If the fireplace has a great focal point, the attention concentrated all over its room will be fixed and will stick there. Take a look at this waffle slightly damaged wall that was covered with wheat.

This is actually a very good solution. For a long time, people just keep their walls and ceilings decorated in only fine until they lose the richness of color and texture. But it works. As for the furniture, it’s made from antique models with all sorts of details and colors. The wreaths are very beautiful. They are colorful and made from the same materials as flowers. And if you do not like the idea of filling your room with all sorts of decorations that look like wheat but do not need to be made in any pattern, you can easily change the design.

Harleson Wheat Living Room Set Photo 7

The wreaths are also very beautiful. They are made from similar and matching types of wheat, they are very heavy and have a price different from that of flowers. The dimensions for these lovely wreaths are 15?w x 6?d x 22?h so it’s a medium-sized wreath. It costs $19.99 but you can choose to use brown or beige leaves as variations and you can even cover a table setting with wheat leaves as a way to add a little color and texture to the room.

Harleson Wheat Living Room Set Photo 8

This wreath would look wonderful especially in a beach house or holiday resort. It’s simple but creative and the texture looks good to continue. It has berries and greenery and it measures 10’’ in diameter. The base is made from several pieces of wood. The wreath is available for $49.99.

Harleson Wheat Living Room Set Photo 9