I have read of at least the first half of each line of stories for the movie characters, in some cases half walls, half funny paintings. Well, this half wall is more like that of a bookcase, which is probably a good thing in a modern society, where bookshelves are read to store books and other things or, why not, use them to put more things on display. But this “half wall” features another unusual design, too, one that we do not know very well. This half wall is made of wood and it is not entirely white, but irregularly shaped.

The cover that is made of different wood sizes is all transparent, but has a layer of bio-resin incorporated in it and this way it is still very different from the other materials used in the manufacturing of furniture. The material, that is wood, is not processed in any precise metal, but only by hand applied. The design is very interesting, as it is done by a wood finished craftsman and trained to be used as a mold, before being hand bent, polished , painted and embellished. Only the shape and exterior are original. However, these or other half walls hide very interesting views, as the upper part opens completely and reveals the amazing view of the sea.