When you want to create a connection with the rest of your house, you need to have a great natural connection with the wall , so that you don’t disturb the others. That is why a lot of people have created so-called wall separation. This way they have less privacy and the living room is able to “borrow” the space from the kitchen and from the living room.

Here is a trick for the kitchen wall which you might use successfully, when you want to create a special area for the dining room. You can use the space that is in the center and leaning against it to create a table or you can use it for something else or obtain a different solution.Also, when you decide to use the wall for displaying objects on the wall like pictures, collect decorations like vases and vases with flowers or plants and place them on the wall above the dining room table. You can use the space very easily when you have a porch or terrace, near the open terrace or deck.

Kids, if they have one simple place where to arrange all their objects is their room. So if the kids are reading a book, they need a place to store their things or take them somewhere where they can comfortably enjoy them. That is why the kids should have one very important place: the kids’ room. And there are just two walls between the kids room and the dining or living room so that the kids can feel connected to the other activities that are discussed here.

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As children, you might enjoy placing some decorative objects that are made of warm, natural wood. If you want to match the decoration with the color of the furniture make sure that you choose a warm and natural wood. But if the parents are using modern items, you might find the combination of soft tones with the vivid colors very interesting and creative. The whole house is an explosion of light colors and warm colors, that make you dream even brighter and it is a warm place definitely feel cozy and comfortable.

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