In a living room there’s always a lot of things that need to be stored there. This can be a lot of items that need to be stored close at hand and within reach, out in plain sight. Most living room has a variety of storage solutions for all those things. There are also lots of boxes or baskets that can be used to store a lot of things and these usually occupy an entire wall. This engineer bedroom is no exception. It’s perfect for keeping all the things organized and all the little things at the perfect spot.

There are lots of solutions for that. For example, this suspended curtain wall makes your living room look and feel organized and provides a lot of storage space. It’s great because it’s a curtain, but it also fits under it. It’s a great addition to the bedroom because it also adds some privacy, allowing you to easily organize things. There are multiple colors options to choose from and they range from the classic white to numerous variations of this beautiful design.Available for 55$.

Half Curtains For Living Room Photo 3