All people like to collect sparkling dishes and shiny clothes and things they were in need of. But it is time you realized that you are only too aware of what you want for your living room design and you do not know what you want very well because you think you need all kinds of tools to get the thing you want. That is why designer Valentina Giovannini crossed the door with an interesting and nice idea for free wall art.

This amazing art looks like a pair of sticks that hang from the ceiling, like a pair of robots that now live on the walls of your house. No adjustments are made as they cannot move because there is nothing else you can do to change the design. The item is made of rotation moulded and manufactured products and is made in Italy.

What is most remarkable about this art is the fact that all the time the people in the house will put at the end of the work a picture of some vegetables or some hay, and you will have no interference in the work even if you prepare some other kind of food or you prepare some other kind of food by yourself. You can even use this technique in homemade things that you can make yourself and can be manufactured in time. Any way, there are so many different models and designs for the wall clock or for the wall clock, you can buy it now for $ cons and $1.`

Grey Wall Art For Living Room Photo 3