This living room has a very unusual interior décor. The two repurposed pieces of furniture that are combined with all those pillows, curtains and other things don’t seem to be part of the picture. They are just models of chairs and sofas, bookshelves and many other objects and give a plus of personality and also a dramatic touch to the décor.

The combination of sofa and pillows is not too striking as it only features one giant model that looks like a giant letter. However, it’s a daring and intriguing idea. The idea was very good and it turned out to be an original and very clever idea. I find this living room very cozy and special. It makes you feel comfy and it also gives you the impression that you live in a giant cardboard box. The pillows are just the thing that complete this extremely comfortable space. The result is spectacular and, the most interesting part is that the designers and the chosen to write all those original things on the walls of the rooms, to create some sort of magic effect that takes us back in time. Overall, this is a very artistic choice. The originality is also what makes it so special and each room is different because of the originality of the pieces and the way they were made.{found on compedia}

Grey Living Room With Red Accents Photo 3