The key to creating a relaxing and comfortable house is to create a soft space and to also use the room to breathe new life into the residence. To create a good atmosphere the color palette should be calm, soothing and relaxing. To create a stylish décor the color should be bright and shiny. Grey is a particularly fashionable tone and you can use it to lighten up the décor of your living room and to create a contemporary look.

The living room below includes laboratory shapes from brown leather and yellow fabric. The furniture here is modern and the pendant light is the perfect focal point. It’s important for the living room to look and feel really cozy and stylish.

Many decors include outdoor furniture and lighting is also important. For example, in the living room there’s the usual fireplace which can be enjoyed from both sides and that’s mostly because the seats are gray and the mantel is yellow. The glass shelf from the living room is an exception. But if it does, it’s because the fireplace is covered in yellow fabric and extends over the TV so it prevents the TV from touching the sofa.

In the bedroom, the décor is simple. The bed has no armrests and its headboard is covered with glass panels. And if we also count the wall art that can be admired through the windows, through the wall, through the sliding doors and also through the sliding wall, the overall composition is very harmonious and beautiful.

Grey Beige Black Living Room Photo 4

Grey Beige Black Living Room Photo 5