All rooms are perceived as a big blank space where anything can be stored or put away when you don’t use it. However, for interior designers, this can be a problem. You never know what to expect from a home, in the first place, so you need to be careful before you choose a color or a pattern. The living room is usually the first room you invite into your house. So choose this dynamic pattern if you want to create something useful and comfortable while also having an interior space that always tells you the story.

Grey and yellow are two color combinations that look best together. They were both introduced to decorate a living room by Anna Malin Design. Now it’s up to you to decide which colors you want to use for the curtains and which ones you can only pair in other tones. Then the best thing about this system is that you can only choose either one or choose combining several of them. The curtains will double as art and will make the room feel special and unique.

I think these curtains are very beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. They look very well put on and they even look professional, too. The yellow pattern is very well combined with grey walls and Zen-like levels. There are a lot of details in there that are very nice and you can’t help to be impressed. Carefully though. There are a lot of decorative elements in there, and some of them were personally chosen by the owners in order to “keep it simple”. And a very nice balance: interesting shapes in there, and neutral colors, combined with simple lines.{found on hacin}.

Grey And Yellow Living Room Curtains Photo 4

Grey And Yellow Living Room Curtains Photo 5