The first impression that this grey and turquoise interior design brings to the table is that of a calm and peaceful environment, in spite of the fact that it is a garage used for sports events. The contemporary furniture used in the living room is more chic and elegant than the previous pieces, a mixture of black and white tasteful. The fireplace is still the same dark turquoise tone, the sofas are the same dark and heavy, each with their shapes and forms.

The dark turquoise makes everything better, more obtainable than the white. The door from the sofa entrance is also turquoise, a delight for the eye, enhanced by the small objects on either side. What I really like about the living room that is this kitchen. It’s so cozy and inviting that you just want to love it.

The checkered pattern adds dynamism to the whole room, this allowing the environment to become a cohesive family unit. Turquoise is often used to create the impression of wide and bright spaces, that of a warm and bright one, perfect for camping. In this particular case, the artificial lighting is just beautiful and brings out a few colors, their beauty having nothing to do with the coldness of the gray walls.

Grey And Turquoise Living Room Ideas Photo 3

The living room is the most important room in the house because this house has two spaces, the living room and the kitchen. They are separated from the rest of the rooms through a semi-enclosed balcony. Although it is the kitchen, the room is also a lounge, simply due to the curved looking furniture pieces on the floor that pick up on the colors.

In the living room, the sofas choose another color. It range from a shade of grey to aspen grass, created thanks to the marine Odamdor woodi stone that was used for the seating. In the living room, a series of colorful decorative cushions gather all the colors that would otherwise be found to be fresh and dull in the most dull of living rooms. Their fun colors appear perfectly on the sofa and directly in the chairs in the picture.

Now, these variants would be a lot like raffia, with their burst of color and their fun color combinations. We do not need to describe them with “ragged” or “red” colors, but they look as if they were raffia bricks. In this case, gray and yellows are probably the colors used.

Anyone who is interested in making their own raffia bricks should know that they are a thing of beauty. The thick cardboard texture is very attractive, but I doubt anyone would want to spend a fortune. The raffia bricks are made of thermo-treated solid birch wood with a water tight seal and they are light enough to avoid mold. However, each of them is pretty hard to keep in place so the price for such a thing is $99, not very high. However, each of the pictures provides you with a lot of information.