I am not afraid of dark colors and I do prefer bright colors because they are calming and create a nice impression and I do not hate a color which can make me feel sad. I like many combinations of these colors as they are both present in nature and in the living room. The most important feature of the living room is the room, so the general characteristics of each room are stronger when painted in dark tones, but also when used in warm tones.

The Gray and Royal Blue living room paint a different color tone, the contrast between the two colors even more interesting and creative. The living room was painted in “vaanon”, which is another name for purple paint, determined by the fact that the jet black paint draws attention and draws visitors’ eyes in, so it is a good choice for the room. The walls are painted in “semi-Charcoal” and the table is adorned by a black marble top with black and white walls. The sofa with black upholstery and legs and the chair in the living room are the archetypal black and white combination.

The mirror in the living room, the spot where nothing looks straight in, and the dark blue of the sofa are all tips off to make painting the living room a unique and original look. The same color carpet, the black coffee tables and lamp in the living room are all tips off to make the living room lively and creative. The bedroom offers a cool view, but also promotes conversation. The black and white theme continues to the bathroom which is contrasting black ceilings, unpainted walls and light fixtures. Using the same color carpeting and toilet, the same wall paint, the same color fixtures.

Grey And Royal Blue Living Room Paint Photo 3

The kitchen offers a clean and balanced combination between black and white cabinetry and solid countertops. The black and white theme continues to the bedrooms as well, but in the different combinations of colors.

Grey And Royal Blue Living Room Paint Photo 4

The built-in appliances keep the room clean and uncluttered, without allowing them to feel cold and uninviting. The bedroom has a very interesting design, with large windows that bathe the bedroom in natural light and an interesting bed. The low headboard continues the black and white theme, with a headboard for each area. Overall, the apartment is very airy and serene, both inside and outside.{found on innerstadsspecialisten}.

Grey And Royal Blue Living Room Paint Photo 5

Grey And Royal Blue Living Room Paint Photo 6