During the day, purple is associated with royalty and queens, vivacity and wealth. At night, in contrast, on the other side, purple is typically reserved for the little girls in need of a good night’s sleep. However, the wardrobe is an important element of a purple room. It absolutely has the role to set the tone for the entire décor, the color palette, and overall mood and style of the room. In other rooms, the general color tone should remain neutral.

Not a fan of too much color? It’s fine to paint the walls a hue that can be reduced to bare white, black, navy, and clear. But if you are in doubt, consider also adding a few black or white accessories, to replicate a color story aesthetic. Also, don’t forget about making the accent pillows and throws the scheme in the wardrobe. Purple living room colors can also be associated with upscale buildings, warehouses, factories, government buildings, and commercial shopping centers.

Though the color shades used in a particular space should be chosen accordingly. This is important to make sure that the chosen style, color, or vibe is sympathetic with the rest of the house. Most people wouldn’t paint the ceiling and skirting lights the same color just for the sake of a no-shave-density look. It’s a nice trick to create a soft and neutral feeling in the room without making it stick looking too dark and heavy.

While we’re sticking to purple in this living room, let’s check out an Autumn/Winter color story. This space is comfortable and welcoming, with plenty of cozy throw pillows, fun patterned area rugs, and even a rustic metal lamp. We feel like this color idea added lots of personality to the room without took away from its modern foundation. The trick is to mix warm and cool tones in diverse colors. Warm and cool hues contrast with cool tones, which is why the orange accents bringosoness to the room.

Grey And Purple Living Room Ideas Photo 4

When Halloween is near, a great color idea is to drape the walls in a bold, dark orange. This could be done to bring the whole room into the revival aura that is going on with a creepy theme. While this living room is decorated simply with bright orange accents, throw in a few cobalt and orange pieces with wooden furniture, throw pillows, and wall art. It enhances the beautiful, warm vibe that is highlighted even more by fall colors of course.

Don’t forget to cozy up the space with a couple of textured throw pillows that hopefully stand out. A few rustic wooden armchairs that look aged with a distressing look, and some pillowares that match. +1. Keeping the room neutral and make the pillows act as chic accents that enhance the room’s cheerful ambiance. +2. Complementing the colors and the style are all part of the final result.