The living room is a place of relaxation where we welcome family, friends and invites those gatherings of eating, drink and rests. The living room must be warm, welcoming and lasting. A purple living room reflects nobility and refinement and the color strengthens and replaces that of the walls, furniture and even the pieces of art or decorative items that appear around it. The combinations of color and the contrast between tones are the key elements of this living room’s composition.

Purple is perceived as a sober color and, as a neutral, it perfectlyneves other sober colors.This makes it the perfect color for this living room. The furniture is very important in this case. The sofa, bookshelves and chairs look very soft and very delicate. The lavender accent pillows are the only colorful accents that seem to protect the sofa .

Grey And Purple Living Room Photo 2

The floor and the walls also look very soft and have that unfinished look that you can’t ignore in most living rooms. The glass coffee table is a light and elegant decoration that instantly changes the atmosphere from crowded and steampunk to cozier and relaxation.

Grey And Purple Living Room Photo 3

The bedroom is the most beautiful room. This purple bed is highlighted by lavender walls painted in pastel purple, a detail that changes the mood of this space. Purple and purple are also the couple of bold accent shades that fill the room.