The grey and copper combination is very popular and appreciated these days. Almost everyone knows this color. It’s the color of money and the symbol of prosperity and friendship and luck and it’s also associated with enthusiasm and positive feelings. Gray and copper make your home look sophisticated without giving it a bad connotation.

It’s a neutral color that goes well with everything, including walls, furniture and decorations. Use it in combination with warm and cold tones to create an intimate décor or combine it with black and grey for a dramatic look. You can create a dramatic but still modest and subtle décor for your living room by using frosted grey limestone or brick walls. The contrast will be strong and beautiful.

You can also create a contrasting look by also allowing the walls to feature crisp white curves. So if you prefer something more classic and old-fashioned you can try to include linen, maybe even burlap or even maybe cotton. the bold colors can also be combined with simpler neutrals like monochromatic white and grey shades or with subtle tones of pastel. The result will be a bright but also harmonious décor and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Grey And Copper Living Room Photo 3

The grey and copper tones can also be combined in other ways. For example, you can opt for tablecloths, cushions, throw pillows and, in some cases, for accessories such as wooden mirrors. The colors will make them stand out but will not add to the monotony. You can also combine these colors with white for a classy and elegant look. This is an elegant example showing you how two simple and neutral colors can be very effective.