If you want to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in the living room, you can try to use grey and to mix the contrastive surfaces. Interior design firm Roccoferro Interior Design recently shared with us a selection of their best color combinations that would work well for both the walls and the flooring. The examples offered here include shades of blue, white and a intense shade of pink. The fact that this is a turquoise home design doesn’t really come as a surprise. The idea here is to go with the monochromatic color scheme and to achieve a harmonious balance between the various colors. The color tones are toned down without creating strong contrasts or complex patterns.

Even though the tones used for the wall colors are different, they are combined in a very balanced manner so the effect would be a cohesive one. To create the grey and burgundy look, there are many different ways of composition. However, if you look really closely you’ll notice two very well-integrated tones: be further proof that carbon grey and regal white are really great.

Grey And Burgundy Living Room Ideas Photo 2

The color tone for the wall Bavarian Chestnut walls is deep midnight orange, which is the ideal tone for any modern and contemporary interior. What’s really great about this combination is that you can add beige as a wall color but also as dark brown, brown and even a bright red in order to also neutrally distribute the light. As for theacci order of colors is quite boring and boring and yet it can be played up by the grey and white color tones. Blue and yellow seem to be at the limit here and are really inspiring.

Grey And Burgundy Living Room Ideas Photo 3

The great thing about grey and white is that you can mix and match them, allowing them to complement each other just right. It’s not so special for vintage decors and it’s also not a color that needs to always be in contrast with the main color. It all depends on the context. Also, it would be nice to also take a look at the ceiling. As it is, it’s an elegant accent piece with a nice decoration which you can include in the rest of the décor.

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