The idea for this living room was created by Alain Carlez, Pierre Gisl, Delinea Italia, Martin Maldives and Jacques Langt and, among other spaces, after attending a few design gatherings. The room, intended for a French couple living in the Hudson Valley of Canada, is decorated in such a way that it makes an impression of the roses that grow on one of the walls. The use of different textures brings a feminine, romantic and rustic aspect; the use of drapes that make the room look bigger, the use of white spots on some walls, the photos that can be seen downstairs, the white walls and the few decorative accessories that appear at the door.

The Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez is not supposed to be more romantic than the condo with its flowers. Every space was studied to achieve the maximum amount of light and comfort. As the couple choosing this home, they wanted a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and all kinds of dreams. The thought of opening a second courtyard garden inside the house is very pleasant and pleasant, filling it with light. The intention of the designer of the Hôtel Saint-Tropez is to create a complex space full of light, that invites you to spend time in it, without disturbing the privacy of the other rooms.

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The Hôtel Saint-Tropez is decorated with the works of 20 different well-known designers. All of them have a personal touch and a specific inheritance, that is, to those who have to settle for the hotel de Louis (it is difficult to even get better off a hotel with all the custom decorated furnishings and amazing views). The hotel, on grounds of preserving and refurbishing the architectural heritage of the building, is in a very good condition and more than worth mentioning as the hotel may also leave you with a positive attitude giving such a spa, perfect for a couple.

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