The living room is a large part of the house. It’s why there should be two separate rooms and the first one should be more functional and it should be more visible. The second one should be more cozy and inviting because it includes the family room. The bedroom is the most intimate of the rooms. As a result, it should be decorated with more colors, warm furniture and white walls.

In the case of the family room, grey seems to be the color that dominates the whole décor. It’s a strong and elegant color that adds class and elegance to the space. Overall, it’s a simple but elegant and chic color that would beautifully complement a traditional décor. The family rooms can also be decorated with chic furniture.

The living room is a more colorful space with all sorts of eye-catching details. The main elements that successfully stand out are the flowers that are filled with fresh lilac and the curtains. The color combination is very beautiful and unique. The furniture is simple and mostly made of wood and since it has tufted elements, this is a sort of traditional family room. Overall, the color mix is very nice and balanced, creating a very inviting atmosphere.{found on designsponge}.

Grey Accent Chairs For Living Room Photo 4

Grey Accent Chairs For Living Room Photo 5