For those who love plants and want to have a green home, you don’t necessarily have to go to specialist shops to find some special items. You can also choose to create a hybrid by using designer rugs and totally affordable furniture and home decor items. But if you’re looking for something different and unusual, the alternative is very good.

Designer rugs are an easy and affordable way of creating the impression of a larger space and they can also be very easily incorporated in small rooms. This particular rug has a very interesting design. In fact, it features several small moos that fit together like a puzzle, thus forming a small cave-like room. After you place them all on the rug, you will be mapping out the furniture position and this way you’ll see where to place your furniture in such a room.

It’s a very interesting and fun way of saving space and creating something different than the usual furniture. This is a nature-inspired rug and it features a very creative pattern. Its texture is unique as it combines man-made metals like steel, brass and copper but also other materials. Furthermore, the inverted floor tone creates the feeling of a larger space. The dimensions vary so the dimensions can be adapted to your needs and preferences.

The rug is made entirely of recycled materials and this makes it all very simple and easy to maintain. It consists of several squares that have been hand-laid together to form a nice pattern. The different colors and sizes create a sort of collage and are also a sort of modern interpretation of the traditional floor rug. It’s beautiful how the colors of the rug can change the floor pattern. This way you can easily figure out the right color for the floor and for the rug.