There are a lot of IKEA furniture pieces and they feature the most interesting features that you can come across. You could stumble across a simple bed, a simple nightstand, a simple dresser, a bed with headboards and so on and so forth. It’s quite the collection. Modern living rooms are no exception. However, there is one room that doesn’t impress as much as others. It’s the kids’ bedroom.

The problem with the IKEA furniture creations is that they don’t really offer much in terms of customization. It’s why there are so many interesting designs to choose from. The easiest option would be to choose one particular piece and to take it apart so you can figure out its purpose and how it would fit in the living room, like a bar for example. Then take a look at a few individual pieces and see what you can combine and combine to make a great piece for the living room.

After you’ve chosen a piece of furniture, it’s time to start picking new ways to display it. Here are a few options.

Pick a cozy pattern. Depending on the color palette that you’re decorating with, you can choose to go with striped curtains, with a continuous design or you can choose to create playful patterns and different patterns and textures. There are also two types to choose from: floral and geometric. The patterns are basically a combination of matte and glossy and they are both characterized by beautiful colors and elegant lines.

Decorate with books and paper. Consider adding a collage over a portion of a wall book. It will provide the focal point and you’ll also showcase your choice of artwork and the framed wall photographs. Keep the bedroom simple and neutral and allow the materials to stand out. This is a look that works for a living room.