Keeping the living room clean and colorful is difficult, but if you really want to be successful, you’ll have to be in touch with the décor. It needs to be well organized. For example, there are usually a lot of things that need to be stored there but the most important thing would be a pleasant and clean décor. Here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Living room accessories.

Regardless of where you live, there are a few things that need to be stored there. They include items such as the blinds, the curtains, lamp shades and even the small appliances. For the living room, a simple and clever way of keeping things clean and organized is to use curtains. In the bedroom, you can use blinds. In fact, you can hang blinds above the bed for example.

In the office, you don’t necessarily need curtains for the articles but for the actual storage space that you use. For example, you can use a bookcase or a set of shelves and just organize all your files and office supplies. You can even take a bookcase apart and use it to store the mail while you also use it as a home office.

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Another great way of keeping things clean and organized is to use organizers such as mesh pockets or chest organizers. These are great because they let you keep all your personal belongings nice and organized. It’s easy to organize everything in these simple organizers.

Of course, organization is not everything you should do. For example, see how much organizing is enough if you also have a certain piece of furniture that stores everything? Maybe you could put the bookcase next to your desk or put it against the wall and make it a part of the furniture’s frame. The bookshelves don’t have to be clearly delimitated. This allows you to use the space underneath the shelves for storage.

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Storage with a view is important no matter how small your apartment is. Let’s say you want the living room to have large windows and you want to create a casual and relaxing atmosphere. You could use fabric curtains for that. The curtains could be made of wood or you could choose to display one on a wall. Either way, you’ll have to make a few sewing moves and then sew them on the wall yourself.

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The bedroom is also an area where having a spacious living room can be quite tricky. There’s not much space to work with but there can always be a solution. You could use a system of mobile sofa that can be turned into a wall unit or a piece of furniture that can also be used as a room divider. This can be your new living room storage unit.

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