In order to obtain a balanced interior décor you have to pay attention to some aspects. For example, there are always things that can help you feel better. Still, there are also situations when the results are not very good and vice versa. The living room, for example, has to be cozy and inviting. This means that you have to spend more time sitting in front of the fireplace, relaxing or be tempted to forget about everything for a while. It all depends on the balance between the colors.

Today we present you a very beautiful living room. It’s a very stylish space with a purple-pink purple sofa and grey accents just like in the games room or the dining room. The combination of modern and traditional is very nice and the patterns and textures are numerous and beautiful and the purple sofa is just the perfect accent shade for the minimalist and vintage-chic interior. The rug is also very beautiful.

The only thing that you might not notice is the black and white combination. I don’t really understand this idea. It seems contradictory but it really is perfect. I really don’t sense the two unless I’m watching them together. Where I place the black and white combination I tend to place the bedroom. Also, I observe that the bedroom is actually a lot cleaner and that the two spaces can coexist harmoniously.

Green And Burgundy Living Room Photo 3

I like the flexibility of the two Scandinavian-inspired elements. They allow us to the create different combinations of colors we can create. Also we often see black and white combinations as neutral tones but when we combine them with just a bright color it becomes obvious that the result is even more striking. The tall and white ceilings create a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. The only thing you can’t say about this room is that it reminds of a Christmas tree.{found on freshome}.

Green And Burgundy Living Room Photo 4