Living room are mainly spaces which need to be decorated according to our needs. Designers use it as a means of expression, picking appropriate colors, the right furniture and even table and other decorative pieces. It is a place which should always be illuminated and it needs to be noticed in certain situations.

For example it is a comfortable place to spend lazy hours there especially in the evening in case the weather changes. It is the place where the family cook dinner or enjoy a pleasant breakfast and where you can feel nice and relaxed. An accent chair can help you achieve this peaceful ambiance. All these ideas refer to beautiful interior designs of living room and not only.

Green is the color of nature which is associated with the freshness of life. It can create an amazing mood and can bring something fresh from nature in which case it can be used as a useful furniture material. Tents, sheds or carpets can also be used to integrate it within the décor.

Use green for the outdoor furniture pieces either in outdoor or indoor environments and use these accents pieces to create complementary looks. It can be used as an accent color for a traditional, rustic or modern area to make the area comfortable and invite you to enjoy it.

Add some yellow into the interior design using table lamps, wall painting, accent pillows, wall stencils and pillows. Choose the colors carefully and arrange them in the correct order so as to allow you to mix them in the atmosphere you are decorating. A perfect place for some colorful chairs can be in the living room, located near the window, or on the terrace. Accent flowers can be added at a very low price by way of foliage, branches, leaves, trimmings and various other things that have an important role in accentuating the décor.

Green Accent Chairs Living Room Design Photo 5

Storage can be solved also in the form of shelves, chests, drawers, clothing racks, wine racks, cabinets or other things that are either necessary or not yet established in an organized space. Some of the ideas are related to furniture pieces not necessarily needed for functionality, such as desks, dining tables, benches or chairs. But they can also be used to accentuate the whole décor of the room and make it more dynamic and stylish.

When used in combination with colors that differ from those used in the room, the whole room and the like are transformed and become more or less classical.For a sophisticated look try dark wood furniture combined with glossy finishes. For a more dramatic and strong touch, combine dark wood furniture with metallic accessories and pieces that, in a manner, go allover with black and silver finishes.

And, of course, there are also small bedrooms that look elegant with wood elements and accents also in the form of accessories and pillows sitting next to black, white or silver paperbacks.

You can also add some contrasting elements by also choosing the right colors for the bedding. Try sofas with black accent cushions and colored bedding and opt for colorful pillows with prints basically similar to the ones offered in the bedroom. If black and white aren’t your hues, experiment with some other contrasting combinations such as steel and black or charcoal and white.

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