Living room is the central part of almost all homes, no matter if we live alone or have our house. It is an indispensable space that many people like to have. Decorating a living room can be an important problem in a home and especially when your living room is smaller. For example a small living room will definitely lack the necessary furniture. The decorations that you add to the room along with some decorative items will definitely be enough to solve the problem. The decorations that can be added to the room are either purely decorative or they help create a good atmosphere that makes the room comfortable.

valances are a beautiful solution for living rooms. They are very useful and good-looking, colorful and attractive. For those who want to get a more original décor for their living room and which they will want to arrange in a proper way, here it is a nice gray valance that will make their wish come true.

It is a very precious and valuable decorative item that can come in very handy indeed. As it is 3/4? thick laminated wood with a metal frame, it has a very distinguished look and adds style to any room. Available in many sizes – small 1.75?, medium 1.75? and large 1.75?, you can purchase this decorative valance in a large size for the special price of $29.00 – $39.00.