Living rooms are usually perceived as being the center of attention in the house, better said a gathering place for all the guests. However, that’s not always the case. There are exceptions, one of them and these two interlock in the present. This is a gray and white living room, a great space for social areas.

The gray floor warms up the décor and the gray is a neutral color usually associated with simple and clean shapes and designs. This living room is small measuring 38’’ x 78’’. It has white walls and a very nice and cozy interior. The room is divided into two zones, each with a mirror on the wall, a table or some display shelves for the TV and ear to ear traffic. It’s a good match between style and function.

Gray Tile Floor Living Room With Extra Storage Photo 2

The gray ceiling is a common cold feature for living rooms, regardless of the size. It’s a common image for living rooms in general and it’s difficult to work with. However, the renovation of this room renovated by Shinsuke Kawaguchi Interior Design Studio can prove to be just as inspiring as expected. The original white walls and furniture have been combined with a much more colorful and fun ceiling. The décor is chic and stylish but not in the typical way. Also, the appliances and the fixtures have been replaced by a minimalist and modern furniture set.{pictures from Nlayeri-wall and Carl Frontal}.

Gray Tile Floor Living Room With Extra Storage Photo 3